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Earle K. Plyler Award in Molecular Spectroscopy, 2003

Earle K. Plyler Award recognizes and encourages notable contributions to the field of molecular spectroscopy.


For their collaborative contributions to our understanding of intramolecular dynamics by high resolution spectroscopy and to atomic and molecular spectroscopy in liquid He nanodroplets, through the experimental and theoretical development of molecular and cluster beam spectroscopy.

Kevin’s early research focused on using high resolution molecular spectroscopy to study Intramolecular Vibrational energy Redistribution (IVR) in small polyatomic molecules. He was among the first to apply nonlinear dynamic and quantum “chaology” to the study of the spectroscopy of molecules. Kevin also pioneered the development of double resonance spectroscopy to assign highly perturbed molecular spectra, and more recently the continuous wave Cavity Ring Down Spectroscopy method. In 1987, Giacinto Scoles and Kevin began their highly productive collaboration. Their early work focused on using single and double resonance molecular beam spectroscopy to study IVR in medium to large polyatomic molecules. More recently, they have used these methods to study the dynamics of atoms and molecules dissolved in or attached to superfluid helium nanodroplets.

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