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Campbell Hall

The Intersection of Material Innovation and Design: How the Products of Tomorrow are Shaped by New Materials of Today – Dr. Andrew Dent


Andrew Dent
Vice President, Library and Materials Research, Material ConneXion, NYC

Hosted by: Chemistry (Cassandra Fraser) and The Architecture School

Dr. Dent received his Ph.D. in materials science from the University of Cambridge in England and plays a key role in Material ConneXion’s expansion of its technical knowledge base.

Dr. Dent’s primary function is to direct research into innovative products and processes. His role includes coordinating the monthly jury selections that vote new materials into Material ConneXion’s libraries in New York, Bangkok, Cologne and Milan as well as management of the physical library team and Material ConneXion’s online database. Dr. Dent is also charged with guiding the implementation of research in consultancy projects for Material ConneXion’s clients.