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Mura, Columbus, and Price receive NSF funding for undergradaute science education development

nsf_website1Prof. Mura, Prof. Columbus, and Dr. Price received an NSF grant entitled “Known Structure, Unknown Function: An Undergraduate Research Curriculum. The grant provides funds for re-designing biochemistry laboratory courses, from the traditional structured experiments based on laboratory manuals to a more exploratory, project-based approach. To that end, this project is (i) designing a year-long, research-based biochemistry laboratory course for immediate implementation, (ii) developing the course as a series of individual units, or modules, which can be easily transferred to other institutions, and (iii) developing and publishing a website that disseminates the infrastructure to others interested in improving their undergraduate biochemistry programs. The long-term educational goal is to enhance the scientific education of undergraduate students, and to provide other biochemistry educators with a framework by which they can transform their own programs, thereby having a broader impact on the quality of education of biochemistry students. The goal is to educate scientists, not science majors.