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Undergraduates Hodges and Sviderskiy receive Harrison Research Awards

jackieChemistry majors, Jaccqueline Hodges and Vladislav Sviderskiy, recieved Harrison Undergraduate Research Awards, which will assist them in conducting independent research during the summer.

Jackie’s research in the Columbus laboratory aims to characterizing the selective binding of opacity-associatedproteins found in Neisseria pathogens to heparansulfate proteoglycan receptors (HSPGs) in human host cells using fluorescence techniques. Quantification of the binding affinity and further understanding of the intrinsic protein and receptor properties that determine this selectivity will enhance studies of the protein-triggered engulfment of the pathogen.

sviderskiyVlad’s research in the Gunnoe laboratory and Harman laboratory is focused on converting solar energy to chemical fuels with novel transition metal catalyst. He will synthesize catalysts and test their efficiency to oxidize water with the aim of discovering an efficient catalyst that would allow for the storage of solar energy in chemical fuels.

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