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Two chemistry undergraduate majors receive Beckman scholarships

14993_photo_1_low_resVladislav Sviderskiy and Mengxun “Monica” Li, third-year majors in the University of Virginia’s College of Arts & Sciences, have received Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation scholarships designed to promote research in chemistry.

The Beckman Scholars program at U.Va. provides one or more $19,300 scholarships to highly talented, research-oriented students who will work in mentors’ laboratories for two summers and the intervening academic year. In addition to summer salary and academic year financial support, these scholarships sponsor participation in professional and national scientific meetings.

Sviderskiy, 20, of Henrico, is specializing in biochemistry and researching metal catalysts for water oxidation to allow more efficient storage of solar energy in chemical fuels.

Li, 21, of Centreville, is specializing in environmental chemistry. Her research focuses on using metal complexes to synthesize new organic compounds that may possess biological activity.

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