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Room 304, Chemistry Building

How does the bacterial Hfq protein interact with small regulartory sRNAs and facilitate sRNA-mRNA pairing? – Professor Roger Wartell


Professor Roger Wartell
Georgia Institute of Technology

Hosted by: Professor Cameron Mura

Professor Wartell’s website

Abstract:  The RNA binding protein Hfq is highly conserved among bacterial phyla and is closely related to the Sm/Lsm family of proteins in archea and eukaryotes. In the E. coli bacterium, Hfq plays a major role in facilitating the binding of small regulatory RNAs (sRNA) to target sites on mRNAs. Once formed an sRNA–mRNA complex can enhance or repress translation of the mRNA. Recent results will be described aimed at understanding how Hfq interacts with the three E. coli sRNAs, DsrA, RprA, and OxyS, and the rpoS mRNA they regulate. Topics that will be addressed are the binding affinity and stoichiometry of Hfq•RNA complexes, Hfq effects on RNA structure, and the influence of Hfq mutations on RNA binding and sRNA–mRNA duplex formation. A model of how Hfq facilitates DsrA binding to its rpoS mRNA target site will be described.