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4pm, Room 304, Chemistry Building

Modern Alchemy: Base Metal Catalysis – Professor Paul Chirik


Professor Paul Chirik
Princton University

Hosted by: Professor Brent Gunnoe

Professor Chirik’s webpage


Transition metal catalyzed reactions have revolutionized the art of chemical synthesis. Applications range from the selective synthesis of single enantiomer drugs to the bulk production of the plastic coatings on your mobile phone. In most cases, these reactions rely on second and third row metals such as Pt, Pd, Rh, and Ir, which are expensive and toxic. My lecture will focus on developing replacing these metals more environmentally benign and inexpensive iron, manganese and cobalt compounds. Our strategy has focused on so-called “redox-active ligands” – those that undergo reversible electron transfer with the metal. This concept is used to suppress the radical chemistry of the base metals and “transmute” the electronic structure of the first row ions into those more familiar with the heavy metals. Applications such as industrial hydrosilylation, asymmetric olefin hydrogenation and unique [2p + 2p] cycloadditions will be presented.