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Undergraduates Receive Harrison Research Awards

Congratulations to all of this year’s Harrison Research Award recipients.  Special congratulations to our Chemistry Majors:

• Kylene Daily, 19, of Clifton, a second-year biochemistry major in the College, who is researching Neisseria gonorrhoeae and human neutrophils, examining the relationship between the human immune system and particular bacteria.

• Kathryn Kingsbury, 19, of Herndon, a second-year student in the College who intends to major in biology and biochemistry, who is researching the role of a class of retinal ganglion cells that are similar in some respects to the rods and cones of the mammalian retina, but are largely responsible for non-visual effects, such as pupil constriction and the maintenance of circadian rhythm.

• Andrew Lankenau, 20, of Fairfax, a second-year chemistry major in the College, who is researching the separation of the de-aromatizing enantiomers, which has potential pharmaceutical applications.

• Hyeon Jin Lee, 20, of Mechanicsville, a third-year biochemistry major in the College, who is researching the affects of directed bacterial movement in response to chemical gradients on the formation of biofilms.

• Nicholas Chien-Juei Lee, 19, of Winchester, a second-year biochemistry major in the College, who is researching the phosphorylated histone H2AX, a signal of DNA damage, and its role in the cell cycle to gain a better understanding of its effect on cancer.

• Tomihiro Ono, 21, of Gaithersburg, Md., a third-year chemistry major with a concentration in chemical physics in the College, who is researching how the structure and properties of a micelle vary under specific alterations in composition and solution parameters, with an aim to formulating a model for these variations to make solubilizing and studying the functions of membrane proteins using micelles much easier.

Click here for the full list of undergraduate research award recipients.