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Room 304, Chemistry Building

Chemistry for Global Health: designing new interventions against Anopheles gambiae, the malaria mosquito


Professor Paul Carlier
Virginia Polytechnic Institute

Hosted by: Professor Lin Pu

Global Health is the health of populations in a global context, that transcends the perspectives and concerns of individual nations. What impact can organic chemistry have on Global Health? In this seminar I will describe our multidisciplinary, collaborative research to develop new human-safe insecticides against Anopheles gambiae, the “most dangerous animal,” responsible for nearly 700,000 deaths annually.  Application of modern drug design strategies to this challenge will be presented, as will synthetic methods designed in the course of this research.  One target of particular interest is acetylcholinesterase (AChE), an enzyme critical to the physiology and CNS function of all animals. I will describe our progress in identifying inhibitors that are highly selective for Anopheles gambiae AChE over human AChE, and compounds that are effective inhibitors of the G119S resistant mutant AChE.