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Forensic Expert Joan Bienvenue Appointed Director of U.Va.’s Applied Research Institute

Returning to UVA, after graduating with her PhD in Chemistry from the Landers Research Labs in 2006, is Dr. Joan Bienvenue.  She has been appointed as the Director of UVA’s Applied Research Institute (ARI).  The mission of ARI is to provide a new lens through which faculty, staff and students clearly view the analytical, research and development opportunities of the Dept of Defense, Intel Community and affiliated industries. Dr. Bienvenue holds a B.S. degree in chemistry, an M.S. degree in forensic science from the University of New Haven (Conn.), a Ph.D. degree in chemistry from U.Va. and an MBA from the University of Mary Washington.  She was an NIJ Graduate Research Fellow while studying at U.Va., where her graduate work focused on the development of novel DNA purification schemes in integrated microfluidic systems for clinical and forensic DNA analysis.  After earning her Ph.D., she was an FBI Post-doctoral Fellow at the FBI Academy-Quantico, evaluating methods for DNA purification from bone.  She then joined the Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory (AFDIL) as the validation and quality control supervisor, where she managed the quality-control team and oversaw the evaluation, validation and implementation of new technology for both mitochondrial and nuclear DNA forensic casework analysis.  Before joining UVA as Director, she worked at Lockheed Martin where she initiated, functioned as Chief Scientist and the Program Manager of their rapid microfluidic DNA analysis systems.

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