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Room 304, Chemistry Building

From C-C agostic interactions to C-H bond activation


Professor Michel Etienne
University of Toulouse

Hosted by: Professor Brent Gunnoe

Despite their relative scarcity, agostic complexes where a CC,[1] rather than a CH, bond interacts with a main group or transition metal have been attracting strong attention recently. This stems from their involvement in metallacyclobutanes that are intermediates in alkene metathesis reactions,[2] and also in their ability to model CC s-complexes and CC bond cleavage.[3]

I will summarize some of our results highlighting structural (solid state and solution) and reactivity data as well as the importance of computational modelling. Two types of a-CC agostic complexes based on the cyclopropyl ligand will be considered: (i) hydrotris(pyrazolyl)borate niobium complexes [TpMe2NbX(c-C3H5)(MeCCMe)] (X = Cl, Me, etc.) from which hydrocarbon CH bond activation has been developed,[4] and (ii) an heterobimetallic lithium yttrium complex [(h5-C5Me5)2Y(m-c-C3H5)2Li(thf)] that exhibits two types of CC agostic interactions, one with Li with an electrostatic character, one with Y with a more covalent character.[5] Time permitting, I will present results on catalytic methane functionalization based on highly fluorinated scorpionate-based silver complexes that have emerged from these studies.[6]


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