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John Yates’ work highlighted in The Journal of Chemical Physics

The Journal of Chemical Physics is proud to be celebrating its 80th year as the leading and most cited journal in chemical physics. The Journal has been at the forefront of the field since its inception in 1933. The 80th Anniversary Collection includes seminal papers on electronic structure methods, potential energy surfaces, transition states and reaction pathways, Monte Carlo and molecular dynamics simulation methods and applications, time-dependent methods in quantum dynamics, electron transfer reactions, advances in nuclear magnetic resonance methods, and spectroscopic methods and formalisms including multidimensional techniques with applications ranging from water to proteins.

“ Isotope Effect in the Photochemical Decomposition of CO2(ice) by Lyman-α Radiation,” by Chunqing Yuan and John T. Yates, Jr., J. Chem. Phys.138, 154301 (2013), is one of two papers in 2013 selected by The Journal of Chemical Physics to be in the top 80 articles published in 80 years. The paper cited is among the first papers from UVa in Astrochemistry. The paper follows the completion of the Phase I- NSF  program in Astrochemistry, funded by NSF under Brooks Pate’s guidance.

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