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4:00 pm
Room 304, Chemistry Building

Membrane proteins and their complexes – insights from mass spectrometry


Professor Carol Robinson
University of Oxford

Hosted by: Professors Don Hunt and Cam Mura

What can we learn from the study of membrane protein complexes in the gas phase of the mass spectrometer? Aside from the compositional information that is available from obtaining the molecular mass, many additional properties can be deduced. These include polydispersity and heterogeneity, both of which are extremely challenging to capture for membrane protein complexes.

Using recent examples for our laboratory I will show how we can manipulate detergent and lipid composition to gain new insight into lipid binding and its effects on drug binding.  By uncovering the effects of post-translational modifications on subunit interfaces using cross linking we also show how this can reveal new information about dynamics and conformational change.

Recent results, which combine the study of intact membrane complexes with ion mobility mass spectrometry, bring together compositional data with conformational information. By probing the stoichiometry and location of lipid and nucleotide binding sites I will show how we can reveal different mechanisms in molecular motors and drug resistance pumps.