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4:00 pm
Room 303, Chemistry Building

Molecular Recognition of DNA by Small Molecules: Fundamentals to Applications


Professor Peter Dervan
California Institute of Technology

Hosted by: Professor Sid Hecht

Many human diseases are caused by dysregulated gene expression.  The oversupply or overactivity of one or more transcription factors may be required for the survival, growth, and metastatic behavior of human cancers.  Pyrrole-imidazole polyamides are small molecules programmed to read the DNA double helix by a set of simple chemical principles.  These oligomers achieve affinities and specificities comparable to DNA-binding proteins.  Research efforts are focused on the modulation of gene expression pathways by disruption of protein-DNA interfaces.  A hairpin Py-Im polyamide targeted to the androgen receptor was found to exert antitumor effects against prostate cancer xenografts.