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Room 304, Chemistry Building

Water (liquid, ice, clusters): Structure, dynamics, hydrogen-bonding, and vibrational spectroscopy


Professor Jim Skinner
University of Wisconsin

Hosted by: Professor John T. Yates, Jr.

Water is a remarkable substance, with its high boiling point and complex phase diagram.  Many of the usual properties of water are attributed to hydrogen bonding.   Vibrational spectroscopy of various kinds (IR, Raman, 2DIR, SFG, 2DSFG) is an excellent probe of hydrogen bonding as vibrational frequencies are exquisitely sensitive to local environments.   In this talk I will describe our efforts to model the structure, dynamics and vibrational spectroscopy of water, in the bulk liquid, at the liquid/vapor interface, in crystalline and amorphous ices, and in the water hexamer.   We compare to and interpret experiment in many instances.   We use the results of theory and experiment in an attempt to provide a unified picture of hydrogen bonding of water in its various phases.