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4:00 pm
Room 304, Chemistry Building

Contributions to Medicine from a hard core Nano-chemical Physicist leading a small, heterogeneous, army of fearless researchers with all kind of college degrees: Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Biotechnology, Material Science and MDs.


Professor Giacinto Scoles
Princeton University

Hosted by: Professor Kevin Lehmann

I will highlight three areas of Medicine that may benefit from our Nano approach to instrumentation.
The first is our answer to the problem of counting tumor cells circulating in the peripheral blood (CTCs) rapidly and at low cost while the second is our solution to the problem of analysing the protein ciontents of a cellĀ  when you know the protein
that you are looking for i.e. when you are not doing Proteomics. The third is in the field of drug discovery and is our general approach to improve the binding and, more importantly, the selectivity of any existing (or to be designed) drug.