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4:00 pm
Room 304, Chemistry Building

The Enterprise of Drug Discovery from an Academic Perspective: A Personal Odyssey


Professor Stephen Hanessian
University of Montreal

Hosted by: Professor Sid Hecht

Monumental achievements in drug development within the pharmaceutical industry worldwide have benefitted humankind with improving our quality of life and providing life-saving medicines over decades of dedicated work. Academic research has also been instrumental in making fundamental contributions at the interface between the chemical, physical and biological sciences, and especially in the training of future scientists who eventually contribute to the invention of new medicines. Indeed some of the most important insights into our understanding of basic chemical and biological processes at the molecular level continue to come from academic groups.

The lecture will cover various aspects of our research projects in the area of structure-based organic synthesis toward novel drug prototypes emphasizing a biology-inspired, chemistry driven approach and highlighting examples of highly successful collaborative projects with a plethora of research groups in various pharmaceutical companies without compromising the sanctity of basic research principles and the noble objective of coworker training in an academic setting.