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Congratulations to our Harrison Undergraduate Research Awardees

“The Harrison Undergraduate Research Awards provide an opportunity for undergraduate students to participate in a core purpose of the University by contributing to the advancement of new knowledge,” said Brian Cullaty, director of undergraduate research opportunities at U.Va.’s Center for Undergraduate Excellence. “The program aspires for these student-faculty collaborations to make an original intellectual or creative contribution to the discipline.”

This year’s Harrison Undergraduate Research Award winners and their research topics:

  • Caroline Kerr, 19, of Ashburn, a second-year chemistry major, is researching the synthesis of boron-based nanoparticles used for oxygen sensing and optical imaging in cells.
  • Shelby Lipes, 20, of Roanoke, a third-year biochemistry major, is researching correlations between the physical properties of detergents and their effect on the solubilization, fold and function of membrane proteins.
  • Yiqing Wang, 20, of Beijing, a third-year biochemistry major, is researching the function of chandelier cells and how their deficits lead to schizophrenia.
  • Michael Zhou Zhang, 20, of Roanoke, a third-year chemistry major, specializing in biochemistry, is researching how a glutamate transporter homologue interconverts between two conformations, which is important for understanding its mechanism of transport.