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Michael Webster-Gardiner named Jefferson Scholars Foundation’s Dissertation Year Jefferson Fellow

The Jefferson Scholars Foundation Board of Directors congratulates Michael Webster-Gardiner on your selection as a Dissertation Year Jefferson Fellow.  The Jefferson Scholars Graduate Fellowship Program was established to attract to the Grounds the most promising graduate candidates in the country, students with potential to make exceptional contributions to the University of Virginia while enrolled and to society at large after being graduated from the University.  We are supremely confident that, as a scholar committed to sharing important ideas with the wider community, students will bring added distinction to the Foundation, the University, and to the ideals of Thomas Jefferson.


The Dissertation Year Jefferson Fellowship is designed to provide full financial support for one year of dissertation writing and research.  The Jefferson Scholars Foundation will provide a stipend of $20,000, an amount to cover the cost of health insurance, and will cover the tuition cost of non-topical research enrollment.  In addition, students will also have access to a $1,500 research fund that they may draw upon during and up to one year following their time as a Dissertation Year Fellow.  Each grant is reviewed whenever necessary and may be canceled if the student’s conduct is, in the judgment of the Jefferson Scholars Foundation Board of Directors or the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, contrary to the high standards of these two entities.


The Jefferson Fellows Center is designed so that Jefferson Fellows can advance their scholarship in an environment that fosters cross-disciplinary interaction on a daily basis.  The Center promotes group interaction, private study, and teaching.  Jefferson Fellows are strongly encouraged to participate fully in academic, quasi-academic, and social activities sponsored by the Foundation, particularly those held at the Jefferson Fellows Center.


To help Jefferson Scholars Graduate Fellows reach their full potential, the Foundation maintains a full time staff that is available to counsel with each Jefferson Fellow.  Any questions or concerns should be directed to the Director of the Graduate Fellowship Program or the President of the Jefferson Scholars Foundation, who, with the Foundation staff, will assist each Jefferson Fellow in fulfilling his or her obligations to the Foundation and in reaching his or her potential here at the University and in later life.