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Mead Honored Faculty, 2015

Each year the Mead Endowment invites about a dozen faculty members to become a members of the Mead Honored Faculty.  The participants are handpicked by their Deans for their outstanding potential to become a friend of students and an example for other faculty. The Mead Endowment was inspired and established for Ernest “Boots” Mead. Mr. Mead joined the UVA faculty in 1953 and was the Chair of the UVA Music Department for 13 years. He is known for his small seminars and an amazing dedication to teaching and connecting with each student he encounters.

The Mead honored faculty members submit their simple Dream Ideas that would allow them to interact with small groups of students in a way not afforded by their normal classroom routine. The Mead Advisory Board selects several of the ideas and provides funding to make the dreams reality. Professor Mura’s Dream Idea is for a small group of students in computer science and chemistry/biology to meet on a regular basis to converse and explore the emerging fields of bioinformatics and computational biology. The group will end the semester with a visit to the NIH’s Center for Information Technology.

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