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Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation POST Program grant for 2016 awarded to Caitlin Dalrymple

Caitlin Dalrymple, a second year chemistry major, was recently awarded the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation POST Program grant for 2016. Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer funds cutting-edge research projects and provides support and helpful resources for families battling childhood cancers. The POST program grant is a grant of $5,000 that is awarded to students in undergraduate, graduate, or medical school who are interested in pediatric oncology and want to take part in mentored research projects. The POST program grant will fund Caitlin’s research in the Bushweller Lab at the University of Virginia Medical School for a period of eight weeks in the summer of 2016. Caitlin’s research focuses on targeting the CXXC domain of MLL fusion proteins for the development of small molecule inhibitors which have the potential to lead to a novel approach to therapy for MLL fusion leukemia.