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4:00 pm
Room 304, Chemistry Building

Protein engineering: from nature to nanotechnology


Professor Tijana Grove
Virginia Tech

Hosted by: Professors Ken Hsu & Rebecca Pompano

Proteins and protein assemblies are the biological workhorses that carry out vital functions in all living organisms. Highly complex yet efficient processes such as photosynthesis, DNA replication, or cell motility and cell division all rely on precise structure and function of proteins. The Grove lab is interested in translating fundamental knowledge and principles of how proteins operate in the nature to the growing field of nanotechnology for design of materials for regenerative medicine and biosensing. This seminar will focus on two major themes:  (1)  hierarchically structured repeat-protein materials for tissue-device interfaces; and (2) biorecognition modules for pathogen sensing.

Tijana Z. Grove studied physical chemistry at the University of Belgrade in Serbia and then at Iowa State University where she received her PhD. In 2006, she joined Lynne Regan’s group in Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry at Yale University working on the design of repeat proteins for stimuli responsive biomaterials. Tijana joined the faculty of Virginia Tech as an assistant professor in the Chemistry Department in 2011 where her lab is using protein engineering to develop new materials for biology and medicine.