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12:00 pm
Room 304, Chemistry Building

Seeing is Believing: Biological imaging with genetically encoded fluorescent and bioluminescent reporters


Professor Huiwang Ai
University of California, Riverside

Hosted by: Professors Dean Harman and Lukas Tamm

Biological signaling occurs at different levels, but basic processes are largely chemically based. Our research is focused on the engineering of novel molecular probes to peer into cells and brains to understand their communications. In this talk, I will discuss several genetically encoded fluorescent biosensors for imaging redox dynamics, including the redox status of an important cellular antioxidant thioredoxin and several reactive oxygen species (ROS) and modifiers.  Bioluminescence is an emerging imaging modality but with several intrinsic limitations. I will also present our recent progress in engineering novel luciferase-luciferin pairs that dramatically enhance bioluminescence imaging in vitro and in vivo.Ai, Huiwang seminar