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Room 205, Mechanical Engineering Building

Activity assisted self-assembly of colloidal particles


Professor Angelo Cacciuto
Columbia University

Hosted by: Professor Kateri DuBay

Active matter is one of the most exciting fields in soft condensed matter today. The collective behavior and dynamics of catalytically activated colloidal particles and microstructures immersed in active fluids (e.g. bacteria or artificial micro-swimmers) have recently drawn great interest in a broad multidisciplinary scientific community. In fact, the interplay between active and thermal forces, that is inherent to these systems at the single particle level, gives rise to a phenomenological behavior that is quite remarkable. In this talk I will discuss how active forces can be exploited to bypass kinetic barriers that usually hinder the spontaneous assembly of mesoscopic structures, and I will suggest ways of exploiting the random active motion of self-propelled particles to generate coherent motion or conformational transitions into hard and flexible passive tracers.