All seminars are held at 4pm in room 304 in the Chemistry Building unless otherwise noted.

Date Speaker (Host) Title
Professor Paul Wagenknecht
Furman University
(Professor Carl Trindle)
Molecular Examples of Iron(II) to Titanium(IV) Charge Transfer: Relevance to Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells, Blue Sapphire, and Moon Rocks
27 Professor Sally Pusede
Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Virginia
(Professor Kevin Lehmann)
Observational constraints on the anthropogenic sources, chemistry, and air quality and climate impacts of atmospheric nitrogen oxides
Professor George Shields
Furman University
(Professor Brooks Pate)
Research with Undergraduates: A Fabulous Career
17 Professor Ben Garcia
University of Pennsylvania
(Professor Jill Venton)
Quantitative Proteomics for Understanding Modified Proteins and Proteomes
20 Professor Huiwang Ai
University of California, Riverside
(Professor Dean Harman)

Seeing is Believing: Biological imaging with genetically encoded fluorescent and bioluminescent reporters

**This seminar will be held at 12pm in room 304 in the Chemistry Building.

24 Professor Marilyne Stains
University of Nebraska
(Dr. Lindsay Wheeler)
Capturing instructional practices in the chemistry classrooms and laboratories: New research-based tools to address both instructors’ and researchers’ needs
Professor Younan Xia
Georgia Institute of Technology
(Professor Sen Zhang)
Colloidal Metal Nanocrystals: From Academic Studies to Industrial Applications
31 Professor Norah Barba-Behrens
Departamento de Quimica Inorganica
Facultad de Quimica
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
(Professor Cassandra Fraser)
Coordination compounds with biological relevant ligands. Structural, electronic, magnetic and chiral versatility
Professor Chris Jaroniec
Ohio State University
(Professor Dave Cafiso)
Structural and dynamic studies of supramolecular assemblies by solid-state NMR spectroscopy
14 Professor Daniel Chiu
University of Washington
(Professor Rebecca Pompano)
Rare cell diagnostics
21 Hecht Lecture
Dr. John Kozarich
ActivX Biosciences
(Professor Sid Hecht)
ChemoProteomic Adventures in Nucleotide Binding Space
28 Professor Claudia Turro
Ohio State University
(Professor Charlie Machan)
Excited States of Transition Metal Complexes: From Basic Science Toward Therapy
Jefferson Lecture
Professor David Allis
Rockefeller University
(Graduate Student Council)