Events & Seminars

All seminars are held at 4pm in room 304 in the Chemistry Building unless otherwise noted.

Date Speaker (Host) Title
Professor Kyle Lampe
Department of Chemical Engineering
University of Virginia
(Professor Rebecca Pompano)
Designing biomaterials for 3D hydrogel microenvironments and neural tissue engineering
11 Professor Aron Lichtman
Virginia Commonwealth University
(Professor Ken Hsu)
Targeting Endocannabinoid Regulating Enzymes to Treat Pain: Preclinical Assessment
18 Professor Todd Lowe
University of California, Santa Cruz
(Professor Cam Mura)
Unraveling the Complex Roles for 500+ Human tRNA Genes and the Ubiquitous, Overlooked tRNA Fragments
25 Professor Arun Yethiraj
University of Wisconsin
(Professor Kateri DuBay)*Note: This seminar will begin at 3pm.
Polymers in Ionic Liquids
Professor Mitch Croatt
University of North Carolina at Greensboro
(Professors Mike Hilinksi & Rebecca Pompano)
Targeted and Serendipitous Discovery of New Reactions
16 Professor John Matson
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
(Professor Linda Columbus and Eric Herbst)
Therapeutic Delivery of Hydrogen Sulfide: Small Molecules, Polymers, and Materials
23 Professor Yoshiki Chujo
Kyoto University
(Professor Cassandra Fraser)
New Photo-Luminescent Materials Based on Element-Blocks
30 Professor Krysztof Szalewicz
University of Delaware
(Professor Kevin Lehmann)
Investigating mysteries of water from first principles
Professor Marcel Bruchez
Carnegie Mellon University
(Professor Andreas Gahlmann)
Genetically Encoded Chemical Sensors and Sensitizers: From Single Molecules to Whole Animals
13 Professor Steve Soper
University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
(Professor James Landers)

Integrated Fluidic System for Analysis of Circulating Tumor Cells: Searching for Drug-induced DNA Damage using Nanosensors

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