Events & Seminars

All seminars are held at 4pm in room 304 in the Chemistry Building unless otherwise noted.

Date Speaker (Host) Title
Burger Lecture
Professor Carol Robinson
University of Oxford
(Professors Cameron Mura and Donald Hunt)
Membrane proteins and their complexes – insights from mass spectrometry
 31 Professor Adam Veige
University of Florida
(Professor Brent Gunnoe)
Trianionic pincer ligands and their role in creating highly active transition metal catalysts
Second-year exams
21 Professor Jay Groves
Princeton University
(Professor Brent Gunnoe)
Metalloporphyrins in chemical and biological catalysis – from C-H hydroxylation to fluorination
 25 Graham Lecture
Wilma Subra
Subra Company
(Professor Cassandra Fraser and Page-Barbour Transduction Project)
Educating and empowering environmental justice communities to identify and address chemical exposure and human health impacts associated with industrial facility operations
28 Professor Matt Holden
University of Massachusetts
(Professor Linda Columbus)
Caught in the act: Direct observation and quantitation of molecular transport across membranes
March 14 Spring break
21 Professor Tatyana Igumenova
Texas A&M University
(Professor Dave Cafiso)
NMR of conditional peripheral membrane domains
28 Graduate Recruiting
Professor Andrew Feig
Wayne State University
(Professors Cameron Mura and Linda Columbus)
Clostridial Toxins: Disease Challenges and Biotechnology Opportunities
18 Professor Jim Skinner
University of Wisconsin
(Professor John T. Yates, Jr.)
Water (liquid, ice, clusters): Structure, dynamics, hydrogen-bonding, and vibrational spectroscopy
25 Jefferson Lecture
Professor Michael Fayer
Stanford University
(Graduate Student Council)
Water dynamics in nanoconfined systems
28 Professor Kelling Donald
University of Richmond
(Professor Lester Andrews)
The Nature of the Halogen Bond and Other Single-Hole Interactions
Hecht Lecture
Professor Peter Dervan
California Institute of Technology
(Professor Sid Hecht)
Molecular recognition of DNA by small molecules.  Fundamentals to applications

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