Events & Seminars

All seminars are held at 4pm in room 304 in the Chemistry Building unless otherwise noted.

Date Speaker (Host) Title
Professor Miriam Freedman
Pennsylvania State University
(Professor Ian Harrison)
The Structure of Atmospheric Particles & Impacts on Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate
26 Professor Matt Kanan
Stanford University
(Professor Dean Harman)
Recycling CO2
October 10 Professor Rory Waterman
University of Vermont
(Professor Dean Harman)

Advances in α Elimination: Catalytic Organoelement Synthesis

17 Professor Peter Bernath
Old Dominion University
(Professor Kevin Lehmann)
Molecular astronomy: cool stars, brown dwarfs and exoplanets
24 Professor Alex MacKerell
University of Maryland
(Professor Cameron Mura)
Polarizable Empirical Force Field for Macromolecules based on the Classical Drude Oscillator
31 Professor W. Carl Lineberger
University of Colorado
(Professors Eric Herbst and John T. Yates, Jr.)
Anion Photoelectron Spectroscopy: From radicals and transition states to the reaction co-ordinate
Professor Gary Pielak
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
(Professor Cameron Mura)
Unexpected Strength of Protein Quinary Interactions
17* Professor Helmut Schwarz
Technical University of Berlin
(Professor Brent Gunnoe)
Chemistry with methane: A cold approach to a hot problem
18 Professor Helmut Schwarz
Technical University of Berlin
(Professor Brent Gunnoe)
Metal-mediated C-N bond coupling in the gas phase: Experiment and computational chemistry in concert
21 Professor Giacinto Scoles
Princeton University
(Professor Kevin Lehmann)
Contributions to Medicine from a hard core Nano-chemical Physicist leading a small, heterogeneous, army of fearless researchers with all kind of college degrees: Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Biotechnology, Material Science and MDs.

*Please note this seminar will be held in Room G008 in Ruffner Hall.

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