Events & Seminars

All seminars are held at 4pm in room 304 in the Chemistry Building unless otherwise noted.

Date Speaker (Host) Title
Hold for faculty search
29 Dr. Satoru Hiroto
Nagoya University
(Professor Cassandra Fraser)
Straightforward Approach to Novel Curved-π Molecules: Synthesis, Structures and Applications
Second-year exams
12 Professor Brian Nosek
Department of Psychology
University of Virginia
(Professors Andreas Gahlmann and Rebecca Pompano)
Scientific Utopia: Improving Openness and Reproducibility In Research
19 Professors Mark Marshall and Helen Leung
Amherst College
(Professors Eric Herbst and Kevin Lehmann)
Is it just another halogen?  Reassuring similarities and surprising differences in the binding to fluorine and chlorine in protic acid-haloethylene complexes
26 Professor Mahdi Abu-Omar
Purdue University
(Professor Brent Gunnoe)
Sustainable Conversion of Lignin to Value-Added Chemicals, Thermoplastics, and Fuels
Spring break begins
11 Spring break
18 Professor Luke Lavis
Janelia Farm Research Campus at Howard Hughes Medical Institute
(Professor Andreas Gahlmann)
Hip to be square: Building brighter fluorophores with azetidine
25 Dr. Lynn Kamerlin
Uppsala University, Sweden
(Professor Dave Cafiso)
Evolution Through Cooperativity in the Alkaline Phosphatase Superfamily
Graduate Recruiting
8 Professor Darrell Irvine
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
(Professor Rebecca Pompano)
Engineering immunity with hitchhiking therapeutics
15 Professor Mike Hagan
Brandeis University
(Professor Kateri DuBay)
*Please note this seminar is at 3pm!
Cargo encapsulation by self-assembling icosahedral containers
22 Hecht Lecture
Professor Jack Szostak
Harvard University
(Professor Sid Hecht)
The Origin of Cellular Life
29 Professor Marsha Lester
University of Pennsylvania
(Professor Eric Herbst)
Exploring uncharted regions of atmospheric reaction pathways

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