Events & Seminars

All seminars are held at 4pm in room 304 in the Chemistry Building unless otherwise noted.

Date Speaker (Host) Title
Professor Joan-Emma Shea
University of California at Santa Barbara
(Professor Kateri DuBay)
Effect of surfaces in modulating protein folding and aggregation mechanisms
23 University of Illinois at Chicago
(Professor Rebecca Pompano)
30 Professor Paul Hergenrother
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
(Professor Mike Hilinski)
Anticancer Discovery from Simple and Complex Compounds
Second-year exams
13 Professor Min Chen
University of Massachusetts
(Professor Linda Columbus)
A hole on the membrane: using pore-forming proteins to attack and sense
20 Professor Chris Arumainayagam
Wellesley College
(Professor Ian Harrison)
The Role of Low-Energy (<20 eV) Electrons in Astrochemistry
27 Professor Steve Mayer
University of Portland
(Professor Andreas Gahlmann)
Unpacking the Symmetric Stretch of CCl4: The Confluence of Undergraduate Research and Pedagogical Advancement in Physical Chemistry Lab
Spring break begins
13 Spring break
20 Graduate Recruiting
27 Hecht Lecture
Professor Stephen Hanessian
University of Montreal
(Professor Sid Hecht)
The Enterprise of Drug Discovery from an Academic Perspective: A Personal Odyssey
Dr. Morris Bullock
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
(Professor Brent Gunnoe)
Design of Molecular Electrocatalysts for the Production and Oxidation of Hydrogen: Shoving Protons Around With Proton Relays
10 Dr. Steve Vogel
National Institutes of Health
(Professor Jim Demas)
Fluorescence Polarization and Fluctuation Analysis (FPFA): A method for simultaneously measuring fluorescence lifetime, time-resolved anisotropy, fluorophore concentration, molecular brightness, and lateral diffusion times
17 Professor Emad Tajkhorshid
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Beckman Institute
(Professors Cam Mura and Bob Nakamoto [Biophysics])
Computational Imaging of Complex Functional Motions of Membrane Transporters using Advanced Simulation and Free Energy Techniques
24 Professor Jeffrey Johnson
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
(Professor Mike Hilinski)
On the Merits of Pursuing Stereochemical Errors in Natural Product Synthesis
Jefferson Lecture
Professor Alan Marshall
Florida State University
(Graduate Student Council)
Reading┬áChemical “Fine Print”:┬áThe Key to Exploiting Nature’s Compositional Complexity

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