Marshall, James

James A. Marshall

Professor Emeritus of Chemistry
Room 288A, Chemistry Building (434) 924-7997

Marshall Group Website

B.S. University of Wisconsin (Madison), 1957

Ph.D. University of Michigan, 1960

N.I.H. Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University, 1960-1962

In our research we identify natural products with interesting, often novel, structures and useful biological properties that may lead to medicinal agents for treatment of cancer, cardiovascular disorders and infectious diseases. We focus on key structural and stereochemical features present in these target natural products and devise mechanism or analogy based methodology for efficient construction of potentially useful subunits. Finally, we assemble the foregoing subunits by a combination of new and known reactions to synthesize the target substance and/or analogues thereof. Our overall program is thus target directed but methods driven.

Recent Publications

A cascade cyclization route to adjacent bistetrahydrofurans from chiral triepoxyfarnesyl bromides. Marshall JA, Hann RK. J Org Chem. 73, 6753-7(2008).

A formal synthesis of the callipeltoside aglycone. Marshall JA, Eidam PM. Org Lett. 10, 93-6 (2008).

Chiral allylic and allenic metal reagents for organic synthesis. Marshall JA. J Org Chem. 72, 8153-66 (2007).

ABC synthesis and antitumor activity of a series of Annonaceous acetogenin analogs with a threo, trans, threo, trans, threo-bis-tetrahydrofuran core unit. Marshall JA, Sabatini JJ, Valeriote F. Bioorg Med Chem Lett. 17, 2434-7 (2007).

Palladium- and copper-catalyzed 1,4-additions of organozinc compounds to conjugated aldehydes. Marshall JA, Herold M, Eidam HS, Eidam P. Org Lett. 8, 5505-8 (2006).

Synthesis of a bistetrahydrofuran C17-C32 fragment of the polyether antibiotic ionomycin. Marshall JA, Mikowski AM. Org Lett. 8, 4375-8 (2006).

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