R. Bruce Martin

B.S. Northwestern University

Ph.D. University of Rochester

A wide ranging investigator, Bruce Martin has published studies in physical, inorganic, biophysical, bioinorganic, physical organic, and bioorganic chemistry. Born in Chicago, he undertook undergraduate studies leading to a B.S. degree in chemistry at Northwestern University and received a Ph.D. degree in photochemistry from the University of Rochester. as a postdoctoral fellow at both the California Institute of Technology and Harvard University, he developed his career interest of investigating the chemistry of problems of biological importance. He came to the University of Virginia in 1959, served a term as chairman, and at retirement 35 years later in 1994 had published more than 200 research papers, one of which was the most widely quoted departmental paper over a recent twelve year period. He authored one of the first textbooks of its kind “Introduction to Biophysical Chemistry” that was translated into Russian and Japanese. Professor Martin describes himself as using the approach of a physical chemist for investigating problems of biological inspiration regardless of the kind of chemistry involved. He continues a strong interest in metal ion interactions, currently those of neurotoxic aluminum. As Associate Director of the Center for Liberal Arts he recently directed two National Science Foundation supported televised chemistry and physical science courses to secondary school science teachers throughout Virginia. Professor Martin has received the President’s and Visitors’ Research Prize of the University three times, the J. Shelton Horsley Research Award of the Virginia Academy of Science, and recognition as a fellow of the AAAS.