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Leung, Hoitung

Hoitung Leung


Room 417, Chemistry Building
(434) 924-7373

B.S. University of Hawai'i, 1998

Ph.D. The Ohio State University, 2004

My efforts currently focus on the study of teaching and learning of general chemistry. The general chemistry courses offered at University of Virginia are unique in the sense of diverse student populations and their personal interactions with faculty members. We hope to improve the learning outcomes by changing our instructional and curriculum designs, developing appropriate assessment tools, and utilizing available technology effectively.

My research interests remain in the methodology and synthetic schemes to maneuver exopoloyhedral substituents on closo-deltahedral boron clusters. Charge-compensated cationic cages such as (Me2S)3B12H9+ are extremely rare. Their properties are largely unknown. I am interested in using computational methods to examine their characteristics and subsequently formulate a systematic approach to produce these cations.