NMR Facilities

NMR Facilities

NMR Spectroscopy Core Facility

The UVa NMR Spectroscopy Core Facility has eight solution spectrometers; these include 800 MHz, three 600 MHz, two 500 MHz, and two 300 MHz. Three spectrometers (800 and two 600) have cryogenically

cooled probes for optimal sensitivity and two spectrometers (600 and 500) have automatic sample changers for unattended, multiple sample data collection. The spectrometers perform a wide range of experiments including those used for routine analysis of small molecules and those used for structure determination and dynamics studies of proteins and nucleic acids. The facility is supported by the UVa Medical School and the College of Arts and Sciences and is available to all. Questions should be directed to Jeff Ellena , the facility manager.

Magnetic Relaxation Dispersion Laboratory


The Bryant laboratory has a 500MHz, two 300MHz and a Fast Field Cycling (FCC) Relaxometer that are mostly geared towards magnetic relaxation dispersion measurements.The FCC relaxometer  provides temporal control of the magnetic field in the range from 10 kHz to 30 MHz with the short field-switching time. The relaxometer has temperature control capabilities. All three high-field magnets are equipped with the home-built fringe field probes. In addition both 300 MHz magnets have an iron-core electromagnets installed underneath superconducting magnets, where sample is pneumatically shuttled from the low field electromagnet to the isocenter of 7.05 T magnet.