Oberg, Karin

Karin Öberg

Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Astronomy

Room 288C, Chemistry Building
(434) 924-0159

Öberg Group Website

B.Sc. California Institute of Technology, 2005
Ph.D. Leiden University, 2009
Hubble Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, 2009 – 2012

Organic molecules are found in a diverse set of astronomical environments, demonstrating that there are efficient astrochemical pathways to molecular complexity. Interstellar grains and their icy mantles are proposed to be important formation sites of many of these molecules. Understanding the structure, dynamics and chemistry of ices is thus key to advance our understanding of the chemistry in space.

In the Öberg Astrochemistry Lab we pursue laboratory ice experiments and astronomical observations that address how astrochemically important molecules form, and how they may evolve into larger molecules associated with the origins of life.  An important aspect of this research is to constrain the fundamental physical chemical processes that underpin ice chemistry.  In addition to exploring the chemical evolution in space, our research forms a basis for developing molecular probes of different astrophysical phenomena.

Recent Publications

Öberg, K.I., Qi, C., Wilner, D. and Hogerheijde, M., Evidence for Multiple Pathways to Deuterium Enhancements in a Protoplanetary Disk, ApJ, 2012, 749, 162

Öberg, K.I., Murray-Clay, R., Bergin, E.A., The effects of snowlines on C/O in planetary atmospheres, ApJL, 2011, 743, L16

Öberg, K.I., Boogert, A.C.A., Pontoppidan, K.M., van den Broek, S., van Dishoeck, E.F., Bottinelli, S., Blake, G.A., and Evans II, N.J., The Spitzer Ice Legacy: Ice Evolution from Cores to Protostar, ApJ, 2011, 740,109

Öberg, K.I., van der Marel, N., Kristensen, L.E., and van Dishoeck, E.F., Complex Molecules toward Low-Mass Protostars: the Serpens Core, ApJ, 2011, 740, 14

Öberg, K.I., Qi, C., Fogel, J.F.J, Bergin, E.A., Andrews, S.M., Espaillat, C., Wilner, D.J., Pascucci, I., Kastner, J., Disk Imaging Survey of Chemistry with SMA (DISCS): II. Southern Sky Protoplanetary Disk Data, ApJ, 2011, 734, 98