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Applying to the UVA Chemistry Graduate Programgrad

Applications for admission to the UVA Chemistry Graduate Program are reviewed by the Department Graduate Admissions Committee, which is composed of department faculty. Admission decisions are based on the review of the applicant’s undergraduate transcript, GRE scores, personal statement describing experiences and interests, and letters of recommendation.

While there are no formal minimum requirements for the GPA, or GRE score, it is expected that the application materials demonstrate that the applicant has a broad training in core areas of chemistry and is equipped to succeed in graduate coursework, teaching, and research. Core areas of chemistry include analytical, biological, inorganic, organic and physical chemistry.

In addition to students who have completed a bachelor’s degree in chemistry or biochemistry, the Department also accepts students with training in biology, chemical engineering, physics, and other disciplines, who may not have completed study in all of these core areas, but who have completed a rigorous program in an allied discipline and have sufficiently strong training in chemistry. Prior research experience, relevant work experience, and participation in scientific organizations and/or meetings are considered favorably in the admissions process. Students are encouraged to submit complete applications for review before January; however, applications will be accepted through January 15.  An application fee waiver is provided for domestic students applying to the Ph.D. program.  Applicants who encounter any issues regarding the fee waiver, may contact for assistance.

Applications must be submitted electronically.  To Apply to the UVa Chemistry Graduate Program, click here

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