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Requirements for the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Chemistry

1. Successful completion of 18 hours of graded research relevant coursework (typically six courses) and the CHEM 7010-7031 professional development courses with course grades of B- or better.

2. Total course credit accumulation of at least 72 hours (that may include hours of research but must include at least 24 graded course hours) with at least a B cumulative average.

3. Successful completion of the Candidacy Examination.

4. Presentation of research in the third year poster session.

5. Completion of a written dissertation that describes the research and presents results suitable for publication in the scientific literature.  The dissertation must be approved by a Doctoral Examining Committee comprised of the student’s Advisory Committee and one or more faculty members from outside the Chemistry Department

6. Successful oral presentation of the dissertation work in a seminar to faculty and students

7. Successful oral defense of the dissertation to the Doctoral Examining Committee

It is expected that these requirements will be satisfied before the end of the student’s fifth year in residence.  Extensions to this five-year rule may be granted with approval of the research advisor and the Graduate Studies Committee.

Failure to satisfy these requirements will preclude readmission to the Chemistry Department Doctoral Program.  In such cases the student may be eligible for the M.S. or M.A. degree.