Drug Discovery

CHEM 5510

Selected Topics in Organic Chemistry (Drug Discovery)
Fall semester

Prof. Timothy Macdonald

“Drug development”, as a recent article described it, is in fact “rocket science”.  Drug development entails both the discovery and clinical assessment of new compounds and engages the collaborative interaction of chemists, pharmacologists, toxicologists, technologists, clinicians, statisticians–indeed, virtually every major branch of the chemical, biological and medical sciences.  Ultimately the discovery of new therapies represents an extraordinary intellectual and technical achievement.  This course will take a high level view of the process focusing on the chemical biology of the discovery and validation of lead compounds for clinical development.  It will provide the opportunity for students that are focused in either the chemical or biological arenas to understand their roles and contributions to this highly integrated, multi-disciplinary, economically-driven scientific process.  The course will focus on a “real world, hands-on” issue in drug development and use a highly interactive tutorial style classroom setting.  The course is designed for fourth year undergraduate and first and second year graduate students

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