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Molecular Physiology & Biological Physics

Graduate level courses inĀ  Biophysics can fulfill chemistry graduate course requirements.

The Interdisciplinary Program in Biophysics at the University of Virginia comprises the research and teaching facilities of some 30 faculty members in the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Engineering and Applied Science, and the School of Medicine. The graduate teaching program is designed to allow a maximum degree of flexibility so that students with varying backgrounds can be prepared to investigate the broad range of problems encompassed by biophysics.


BIOP 8130 Structure and Function of Membrane Proteins

BIOP 8401 Membrane Protein Structural Biology


BIOP 8020 Macromolec Crystallography

BIOP 8101 Biology at Atomic Resolution: Foundations of Crystallography and NMR

BIOP 8201 Biophysical Foundations of Molecular Physiology

BIOP 8301 Molecular Interaction and Driving Forces