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09ExxonMobil Bernard Harris Summer Science Camp, sponsored by the Center for Diversity in Engineering and funded by the Harris Foundation and ExxonMobil, is designed to inspire young students, particularly minorities and socio-economically disadvantaged youth, to pursue educations in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (“STEM” fields). Now in its third year at U.Va., the camp introduced 51 students to engineering and science concepts related to the theme “Alternative Energy and Space”. Students built and launched model rockets, worked with 3-D animation software, and built models of sustainable towns. The Department of Chemistry is one of several departments that participates in this two-week residency camp. To support this year’s theme, students explored chemical concepts related to energy changes during chemical reactions, calorimetry, and alternative energy sources through experiments, inquiry, discussion, and demonstrations. Instruction was led by Tyler St. Clair, a Curry School of Education PG/MT Science Education student, with support from Jennifer Maeng, a Curry School of Education Science Education doctoral student, and Jan Dean-Clemmer (Department of Chemistry).

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