Outreach Programs > LEAD: Summer Engineering Institute (SEI)

lead03The aim of the Center for the Diversity in Engineering’s LEAD program is to introduce students to careers in engineering by challenging the students to solve real-world engineering challenges through various learned approaches. Thirty rising high school juniors and seniors from across the nation gathered in Charlottesville for the three-week residency camp in June. The curriculum was designed to familiarize students with various engineering disciplines through classroom study, group projects, guest speakers and hands-on experiments. Students were given the opportunity to apply these new strategies in research symposium presentations given on the last day of the program. In small groups, the students presented their research on a variety of engineering topics, including producing ethanol from cellulose, using aluminum sulfate for water purification, and applying computer modeling and simulation technology to human biological systems.The chemistry component of the program was designed to incorporate problem-solving and real-world applications of chemistry. Students were presented with a forensic science challenge in which they had to determine the culprit of a crime. To solve the mystery, students engaged in experimentation and analysis of data.  Instruction was led by Tyler St. Clair, a Curry School of Education PG/MT Science Education student, with support from Jennifer Maeng, a Curry School of Education Science Education doctoral student, and Jan Dean-Clemmer (Department of Chemistry).
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