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Upward Bound is a part of the Trio family of federally-funded programs. The program’s primary mission is to assist college-bound high school students develop the skills required to graduate from college. Upward Bound has existed at the University of Virginia since 1968 serving individuals from twelve local high schools (Albemarle, Buckingham, Charlottesville, Cumberland, Fluvanna, Louisa, Monticello, Nelson, Orange, Waynesboro, Western Albemarle, and William Monroe). Participants attend academic sessions on various Saturdays throughout the school year. During the summer, participants reside on-grounds for five weeks to provide student’s with a simulated college experience. The Department of Chemistry and the Curry School of Education team to offer 4 days of content and 1 day of laboratory a week using a curriculum aligned with the Virginia Standards of Learning for chemistry. The goal is to provide students with a preliminary understanding of chemical concepts and the nature of science to ensure their success in high school chemistry. This is achieved through hands-on inquiry activities, experiments, discussion, and other student-centered approaches. This year, the chemistry courses were taught by Katherine Brown, a Curry School of Education PG/MT Science Education student, and the laboratory was organized by Jan Dean-Clemmer (Department of Chemistry).