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David Cafiso named the 2013 Piette Lecturer

Chemistry receives two NIH instrumentation grants for solid state NMR and pulsed EPR

Profs. Robert Bryant and David Cafiso secured two NIH instrumentation grants to increase our magnetic resonance research capacity. Prof. Bryant (along with Profs. Columbus, Cafiso, and Tamm) received $450,960 for a new four-channel NMR console to be used in conjunction with an existing 11.7 T narrow bore super conducting magnet to create a new spectrometer […]

2010 Fellow of the Biophysical Society Award

Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation Award for New Faculty in Chemistry, 1981

Jane Coffin Childs Foundation Fellowship, 1979-1981

James L. Baber

Staff Scientist
National Institutes of Health

Molecular Physiology & Biological Physics

Applying the principles of physics and chemistry and the methods of mathematical analysis and computer modeling to understand how biological systems work.