Undergraduate Studies

Featured Graduate


Stuart L. Schreiber

Director of Chemical Biology at the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT and a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator


Undergraduate education, including meaningful research experience, leading to the development of highly skilled and motivated young scientists, is a major goal of the Chemistry Department at the University of Virginia. This goal is accomplished by nationally and internationally recognized research active faculty who take a personal interest in the students, and the latest in equipment and instrumental facilities. Close faculty/student interaction is encouraged by the presence of 25 faculty,  35 research associates, and 115 graduate students. Classrooms, research laboratories with professors’ offices, library, stockrooms and shops are all located in the same building.

Educational areas and research opportunities cover a wide range of modern chemistry  including biomolecular structure, analytical methods, synthetic inorganic and organic chemistry, and spectroscopy. Our courses reflect that chemistry is a multidisciplinary field. Indeed, collaborative interdisciplinary research with other departments drawn from across the Schools of Arts & Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine is a commonplace activity.

Jim Demas
Director, Undergraduate Program