Reynolds, Evan

Evan Reynolds

B. Sc. Chemistry Research with Prof. James Demas

Evan Reynolds grew up in Tallahassee, FL where he graduated from Lawton Chiles High School in 2008. He is currently working towards a B.Sc. Chemistry degree as well as a B.A. in Mathematics. He plans on going to graduate school to continue his study of chemistry. Evan has been working in the lab of Professor James Demas since the summer of his 1st year. His work involves the study of photophysics and photochemistry of transition metal complexes. A major focus has been investigating how the unique properties of room temperature ionic liquids affect oxygen sensing systems such as ruthenium(II) tris(bipyridine). Room temperature ionic liquids have become popular as part of the “green chemistry” movement, largely in part to their easily alterable physical properties and low toxicity. This makes them ideal supports for luminescent oxygen sensors which have a wide variety of applications in medical and industrial fields. We are investigating oxygen transport in these solvents in an effort to better understand the behavior of these sensing systems.