Rose, Liz

Liz Rose

Specialization in Biochemistry Research with Dr. Coleen McNamara

Liz Rose was born and raised in Falls Church, Virginia, where she graduated from George Mason High School in 2008. She is a Biochemistry major and plans on applying to Veterinary School in order to study Veterinary Research. Liz joined Dr. McNamara’s laboratory at the University’s Medical School in the Spring of 2011. Over the past few semesters, Liz has been studying the possible roles of B and T cells in obesity and cardiovascular disease. Her DMP will focus specifically on the transcription factor Inhibitor Differentiation-3, or Id3. Past studies have found that mice lacking Id3 have significant attenuation of high fat diet-induced obesity. Liz hypothesizes that Id3 may increase the risk of high fat diet-induced obesity due to its hindering effects on B cells and T cells, which play vital roles in antibody production. To test this hypothesis, Liz will compare levels of Id3 mRNA and protein expression in B cells and T cells extracted from wildtype mice and Id3-/- mice.