Chapman, Hutton

Hutton Chapman

Bachelor's of Science Degree with Specialization in Biochemistry.
Research with Prof. John Bushweller.

Hutton is from Downingtown, Pa and graduated from Downingtown East High School in 2009. Hutton has been working in the Bushweller lab since the summer of 2010. His work involves the development of a synthesis of an allosteric inhibitor for a family of transcription factors known as Core Binding Factors (CBFs) which are involved in the regulation of blood cell development. A  mutation, known as inv(16), results in a fusion protein between the beta CBF subunit and a smooth muscle myosin heavy chain. This mutation results in impaired regulation of proper hematopoietic development and is found in ~12-15% of acute myeloid leukemia cases. It is the goal of the Bushweller lab and Hutton’s work to develop a small molecule inhibitor for the fusion protein that results from this mutation.  Outside of the lab, Hutton loves to run and play soccer and has aspirations to enroll in a MD/PhD program after graduation.