Narahari, Adi

Adi Narahari

Hometown/High School: Manassas/Osbourn High School 
Major: Bachelor’s of Science in Chemistry with a Specialization in Biochemistry and Bachelor’s of Science in Biology

Research: I am working in the Jochen Zimmer lab at Fontaine Research Park in the department of Molecular Physiology and Biological Physics. The Zimmer lab focuses on the study of glycosyltransferases. Particularly, the Zimmer lab is interested in studying Cellulose Synthases and Hyaluronan Synthase (HAS) using biochemistry and X-Ray crystallography methods. My project was to determine the core of the Bacterial Cellulose Synthase (Bcs) Complex necessary for in vitro synthesis of cellulose and to characterize the B subunit of the Bcs complex. 

My current plan is to attend the MD/PhD Program (NIH MSTP) at the University of Virginia next year.