Ono, Tomihiro

Tomihiro Ono

Tomihiro Ono is from Gaithersburg, Maryland, but has lived in Japan, New York, and Florida as well. He is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with a specialization in Chemical Physics, with American Chemical Society certification. His research mentor is Linda Columbus in the Chemistry department.

His research is primarily concerned with exploring the dynamic properties of the interior of a detergent micelle. Detergent micelles are prevalent in structural research of membrane proteins as membrane proteins require a suitable hydrophilic-hydrophobic membrane-like environment to solubilize. However, a lack of understanding about micelle properties necessitates an empirical screening of micelle mixtures for each membrane protein, greatly hindering the pace of structural identification of said proteins. The work done in the Columbus lab explores the variation in micelle fluidity in binary mixtures of detergent and additive, and results suggest that a scheme for systematically varying the internal dynamics of a micelle is viable.