Williams, Olivia

Olivia Williams

Olivia is a double-major in chemistry and religious studies from Buena Vista, VA, where she attended Parry McCluer High School.

Olivia has conducted research in the Demas group since August 2013. Her studies include speciation of luminescent lead bromide complexes, as well as contributions to an analytical method for lead detection in drinking water samples. Olivia’s speciation work has revealed an equilibrium between two distinctly emissive lead bromide compounds rather than the previously assumed lead bromide cluster. These luminescent properties are used to quantify lead concentration in her current project, which seeks to develop a simpler method for aqueous lead detection.

Outside of the lab, Olivia has served as a physical chemistry teaching assistant and is the current Vice President of Community Service for the National Society of Collegiate Scholars at UVa. After graduation, Olivia will be pursuing a Ph.D in physical chemistry.