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There are multiple paths to medical school that students can take.  While there is not a Pre-Medical major, many students declare a major in chemistry because there is a great deal of overlap in the chemistry degree requirements and the course requirements for medical school.  (The term ‘medical’ is used universally; generally this information also applies to dental, veterinary, optometry, et. al. schools.)

For a list of required courses and timeline for chemistry major pre-med students, please see our Chemistry Major section on our website.  We encourage you to have undergraduate research starting by your 2nd year.  For research credit in the Chemistry Department, you can do research in any lab on grounds.  More information on undergraduate research can be found here.

We also encourage you not to double major; the requirements for professional school and the MCAT as well as a chemistry major are very demanding of your schedule.  However, we are confident that there is room for a minor in another discipline.

The summary below is a list of the most common pre-medical requirements. For additional pre-health paths, please click here

Course Amount Required for Schools Needed for MCAT Preparation
English / Writing Composition 2 courses Yes Yes
Introductory Biology 2 lectures, 2 labs Yes Yes
General Chemistry 2 lectures, 2 labs Yes Yes
Organic Chemistry 2 lectures, 2 labs Yes Yes
General Physics 2 lectures, 2 labs Yes Yes
Biochemistry 1 course Some Yes
Calculus 1 – 2 courses Many No
Introductory Statistics
(including Biostats)
1 course Many Yes
Introductory Sociology 1 course Some Yes
Introductory Psychology 1 course Some Yes
Genetics 1 course Recommended Recommended
Cell Biology 1 course Recommended Recommended
*Texas Residents: TX medical schools require 14 semester hours of biological science courses (not including biochemistry). Make sure you are familiar with the summary of TX school undergraduate course requirements outlined here by TMDSAS.

Information on the MCATs can be found here.