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Study Abroad Programs

  • The College of Arts and Sciences, through the International Studies Office, encourages students to consider studying overseas for a summer, semester, or academic year during their undergraduate career. Overseas study offers an exceptional way for students to enhance their U.Va. academic experience. Students should begin to investigate overseas study opportunities as early as their first year by viewing the online Education Abroad Workshop. This workshop will enable them to carefully lay the foundation for study abroad during their undergraduate tenure. All students wishing to study abroad are required to complete the online workshop prior to epening an applicaton or making an appointment with a study abroad adviser. 
  • U.Va. sponsors a number of its own study abroad programs, both during regular semesters and during  the summer and January Term, and supplements its own offerings with U.Va.- approved programs sponsored by other colleges and universities. To identify the program that best matches their academic and personal goals and to prepare for the sojourn, students should work with their academic advisor and one of the following study abroad advisors in the International Studies Office, based on the country or region of their proposed study abroad.

Students interested in programs not currently approved by UVA need to petition the ISO.

To view the Education Abroad Workshop, find out about research program offerings, or make an appointment with a study abroad advisor, students should visit the ISO website.

  • Abroad Resource Library (216 Minor Hall)
    The library contains reference materials for approved, accredited U.Va. and non-U.Va. study abroad programs. The library is staffed by Study Abroad Peer Advisors on Mondays through Thursdays.
  • Financial Considerations for Study Abroad
    UVA is committed to making study abroad affordable and accessible to all its students. Students receiving financial aid through Student Financial Services can apply this funding toward their study abroad programs. Additional funding is available through grants, loans and several study abroad scholarships. Students should read the information on the ISO Study Abroad website and consult with SFS. 
  • The Trans-Atlantic Science Student Exchange Program, TASSEP, is a consortium of member universities from the European Union, Canada and the United States. Through strong academic advising by science faculty, who work in close cooperation with their study abroad offices, TASSEP ensures that students are properly advised about course selection and eases the problems of receiving credit for courses taken abroad. The goal is to permit students to take most of their normal junior level courses abroad and still be able to graduate on time. 
  • The International Service Learning (ISL) provides educational opportunities for students from over eighty universities in several countries, but primarily in the United States. It is the goal of ISL to simultaneously provide both the above educational opportunities for students from developed countries while providing services for developing countries.
  • The UVA International Studies Office facilitates study abroad programs. 
  • Semester at Sea
  • American Chemical Society – Study Abroad Programs for Chemical Science Majors

Click here to download a flyer about semester abroad opportunities.