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Class of 2015 – Graduation is Saturday, May 16, 2015

Class of 2016 – Graduation is Sunday, May 22, 2016

Information about the Lawn Ceremony, caps and gowns, etc. can be found here.

Information about the College of Arts and Sciences’ requirements and procedures for graduating can be found here.

Fun facts about graduation at UVA can be found here.

First, the Lawn Ceremony is run from the Dean’s Office of the College. Students should be receiving a graduation packet or email from them with information about how to pick up your cap and gown, line up and march, sit and listen to who ever it is who’s giving the address this time. Each student is eligible for 3 tickets to the Lawn ceremony. That’s for the seating. At this time, people are still able to view the ceremony from around the edge, etc. If you have family members who don’t deal well with weather, crowds, etc., keep in mind that the Chemistry auditorium is a remote viewing area for the event, and they can sit in there in the air conditioning and watch the whole thing via live remote, and be in place for the Chemistry Department’s ceremony when the Lawn ceremony is finished. Keep in mind that the auditorium does need to be cleared out when the Lawn ceremony is over so that ushers can collect tickets for those attending the Department of Chemistry’s Diploma Ceremony. Parking is free of charge and will be available in the lots next to and in front of Chemistry and across the street at the stadium (also known as T4 lots). The parking spaces on Chemistry Drive are usually reserved for those with handicap permits only. Here is a link for directions and maps to the Chemistry Building and nearby parking lots. Click here for information for services for persons with disabilities.

The Department of Chemistry’s Diploma Ceremony will take place in the Chemistry Auditorium (Room 402) at 1pm. There will be refreshments for graduates and their guests in the 3rd Floor Lobby. Graduates will be arranged into alphabetical lines (B.A. degrees first, then all B.Sc., followed by all graduate degrees). Tickets are required for the Department of Chemistry’s Diploma Ceremony, as the auditorium holds about 500 people. We also have a room (CHM 304) set up with a live feed of the ceremony in the auditorium. This rooms seats about 100 people and is first come, first seated. Graduates will be notified by email how many tickets to the Department of Chemistry’s Diploma Ceremony they will receive. Generally it is between 3 and 5, depending on how many graduates attend. Graduates will be asked to notify Cindy Knight of any special seating needed for their guests.

We have contracted with Grad Images (http://gradimages.com/) to have photographers at our ceremony. Each graduate will be photographed as they receive their diploma and again in front of a backdrop. There is no charge for the picture being taken; there are only charges should you order any of the pictures. Graduates will receive more information about this in February.


**You do not have a choice as to what your diploma says. There are no majors/program names on diplomas, only the degree ~~ Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science. If you are in the Distinguished Majors Program, your diploma will say “with xxx” (distinction, high distinction, or highest highest) under the degree, however you will not receive your diploma at the ceremony. You will receive a blank because the actual diploma needs to be sent off to have the distinction put on it.

There is no minimum grade required to graduate. However, you have to have 120 credits and a minimum CUMULATIVE AVERAGE of C or a gpa of 2.0. Here’s the link to the website: http://artsandsciences.virginia.edu/college/requirements/index.html

DOUBLE MAJORS: Your diploma will be sent to the department of your first major. Unfortunately, you do not have the option as to where you want it to go. HOWEVER, let me give you a scenario and explanation:

Chemistry is your first major but you will be attending the ceremony for the department of your second major: Notify the department of the second major and let them know you will be attending their ceremony. They will give you a blank diploma. We will have your “real” diploma but it will be put aside and returned to the University Registrar’s office for you to pick up (unless you make special arrangements with Cindy Knight). In the past, they mailed those not picked up so check with them if that is what you want done.

The same will happen if Chemistry is your second major and you will be walking with us. We will give you a blank diploma. Your “real” diploma will be with your first major. Let them know you will not be attending their ceremony and will be attending ours. They will return your diploma to the University Registrar’s office and you can pick it up there (unless you make special arrangements with them).


Please email Cindy Knight if you have any questions.